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All New 50cc Gas Powered Skateboard! Only $479.99 Rave Reviews from Customers!

Wheelman Motorized GAS Skateboard - AKA The Bushpig G-Wheel

What is a Wheelman Skateboard?

What is a Wheelman anyway?

Wheelman Board
n. A center engine mounted skateboard designed to tear thru streets, grass, beaches, and more.

Ready to tear up the grass, slide in the dirt, and cruise the beach on the funnest motorized skateboard ever made?!

Introducing the all new Wheelman Board! The Wheelman is a center mounted engine and frame vehicle, supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which your feet can be inserted while standing upright.

It's been called many things: Bushpig, G-Wheel, Excite Board, etc. but the new Wheelman is here to stay.

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